Understanding the Car Accident Claim Process in Florida

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Vote with a Vengeance was recently speaking to a car accident attorney in West Palm Beach who told us that many people are clueless when it comes to what they are supposed to do after a vehicle collision. To add to the confusion, Florida has a unique system in place when it comes to handling auto injury claims.

For starters, Florida uses a system called “no-fault” when they handle vehicle crash cases.

What Is “No-Fault” Insurance?

No-fault insurance is a type of insurance where every person pays for their own property damage and injuries regardless of who caused the accident. It means that the state of Florida does not care who caused a vehicle accident. 

Even if you are zero percent responsible for the crash that hurt you, you must use your own insurance company to pay for your damages and losses. This type of insurance is known as “no-fault” and you use it whenever you’re in an accident.

You can also use your personal injury protection (PIP) benefits to pay for your injuries and medical care. These benefits are part of the no-fault insurance program.

When Could You Sue for a Car Accident?

There is an exception to the no-fault rule in which you can sue a negligent or reckless driver and that’s when you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident. If your injuries and damages are substantial, you are allowed to leave the no-fault system and file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the person who caused the collision.

Getting Started on a Claim

Once you’ve determined that your injuries are serious enough to leave the no-fault system, you can begin the claim process. You will want to gather proof that the other person caused the accident, proof of your injuries, and proof of your damages.

Here are some examples of types of evidence:

  • police or crash reports
  • witness statements
  • photo and video evidence
  • medical evidence
  • receipts and bills
  • documentation of your suffering

After you gather all of your evidence, you can submit your case with the at-fault party’s insurance company or you can go to court.

Your Vote Counts! What Do You Think of the Car Wreck Claim Process in Florida?

You have the right to share your beliefs with the world. Laws can change, but they will only change if you stand up for what you believe in. Do you think the vehicle accident claim process in Florida is fair? What would you change if you could? Your vote is your voice, and you could change vehicle crash laws, so don’t forget—always vote with a vengeance!

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