Three Important Car Accident Laws in California

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Vehicle collisions are traumatic events, and the events that follow vehicle collisions can be nearly as bad. Your injuries can leave you in agony; You could be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder related to the crash; You could be struggling financially because your accident is preventing you from working.

One Los Angeles car accident attorney even suggested to Vote with a Vengeance that victims often suffer more mental trauma and life struggles from the aftermath of an accident than from the accident itself. 

You can file a car accident claim in California if you’ve been in an accident, which many people do. They do this to receive financial compensation to pay for their vehicle’s damage, medical bills, and other related losses.

Before you go to file a claim, though, you should know three important car accident laws that could affect your accident case.

Three Car Accident Laws in California You Should Know

The car accident law that impacts your car accident case the most is known as the fault law. This law basically outlines liability when it comes to car accidents. Whoever is “at fault” or responsible for causing the car accident is the one who can be made to pay for damages.

One of the laws that will affect your case is known as the statute of limitations for car accidents. This law basically gives you a time frame in which you can file your claim. In California, you have up to two years to bring your claim or you will lose the right to bring the claim altogether. The time frame begins on the day of your accident.

Comparative fault is another important law you should know about. This law allows injury victims to file a claim against people involved in causing a car accident. You can file your claim against more than one person if you can prove they were involved in causing your accident. You can also file a claim even if you were a little bit responsible for the crash, as well.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Your Vote

Laws are created by your vote and the vote of your representatives. If you don’t like one of the above-mentioned car accident laws, you can help change them. Always take the time to vote, because you can change the world with this precious gift that some people don’t appreciate.

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