Personal Injury Laws in Florida That Affect Your Claim

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Florida, like most states, has a set of laws that pertain to personal injuries and claims against those responsible for causing injuries. The average person doesn’t know these laws before they set out to file a claim, and that lack of knowledge can be a large stumbling block.

When many people try to learn the laws, they get tripped up by legal information they can’t make sense of. We’ve put together some information that can help those who are seeking to file an injury claim, and we’ve done our best to put the information into language a non-legal professional can understand.

Laws That Affect Your Florida Injury Claim

Here are some of the laws that will impact your claim in Florida:

The Law of Negligence

Negligence is an old legal concept that refers to a person’s careless behavior and how that behavior can cause others to be hurt. The laws surrounding negligence outline a person’s liability if their actions bring harm to others. In your claim, you will need to prove that the person was negligent and that you were injured because of their actions.

There are many changes that are made to negligence laws due to people like you who’ve been injured and file an injury claim. Fighting against negligent behaviors by winning an injury case can make the world safer for everyone.

Comparative Fault Law

Florida has a comparative fault law, which sounds complex but is really quite simple. When two or more people are involved in an accident, the “fault” for the accident is compared and each person is assigned a portion of blame.

For instance, your accident could have been caused by a drunk driver, and the driver could be found 95 percent responsible for the accident, and you could be found 5 percent responsible. Damages for the accident will be reduced by the 5 percent of blame that was assigned to you.

Statute of Limitations

You are given four years after an accident to submit a claim against a negligent person in Florida. This is the statute of limitations, and it’s a strict rule that must be adhered to. You can’t submit a claim after the four years has lapsed, unless you were unaware of your injury.

No-Fault Law for Vehicle Collisions

Florida uses a no-fault law when it comes to vehicle crashes, which means for most auto wrecks the victims must use their own insurance coverage to pay for damages. However, this law doesn’t apply to serious auto wrecks like an accident that happened in Lakeland Florida in which several people were killed or seriously injured.

Serious auto injury victims like the above should call a Lakeland injury lawyer for assistance with an injury claim, because they have the right to file a lawsuit in serious injury auto wrecks.

Your Claim Can Change Injury Laws in Florida

Here at Vote with a Vengeance, we want you to remember that your injury claim can change important traffic and road laws, which could prevent others from being hurt in the future. Don’t forget that your vote matters, your voice can carry over the din, and you should always, always, vote with a vengeance!

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