Vote with a Vengeance

Laws affect almost every aspect of your life. Don’t forget to vote with a vengeance!

Who Are We and What Do We Care About?

Vote with a Vengeance seeks to educate the public on laws across the US. Every day your life is controlled by laws that affect every area of your life—from how much you pay in taxes to where you can park your vehicle—there are criminal laws, laws about negligence, traffic laws, business laws, and more.

All these laws are important, but so many people know next to nothing about the laws in their own communities. You probably care more than you know about the legislation that affects you, but you need to understand these laws and how they come to be. Who passes legislation? Who decides whether you can use marijuana? Who gets to decide what is or isn’t illegal behavior?

You get to decide! When you vote, you help to pass laws and you can help keep laws you don’t like from being passed. Now’s the time to educate yourself, and you should vote when the time comes. You know what happens when you don’t vote? Other people get to decide what rules and laws you have to live by. Make sure that your voice doesn’t go unheard.

What Types of Laws Do We Address?

All of them! We cover a wide variety of laws: personal injury, criminal, family, employment, tax law, employment law, and everything in between. If you need information about laws, here’s where you can find it.

Below, are just a few of the topics we’ll address:

  • Outdated laws that need to be voted out
  • New laws that are being passed, which you should be aware of
  • Changes to penalties for existing criminal laws
  • Traffic laws and how breaking them can affect your driving record
  • Laws that affect personal injury claims
  • Laws that affect victims of crimes
  • Changes to tax law
  • Laws related to divorce and family issues

At Vote with a Vengeance, we believe that all Americans should know everything about the laws that affect them, and we will explain these laws and their ramifications so that you can be fully informed.

Your Vote Counts!

The right to vote is part of what makes America so great, but a lot of people know very little about the laws that affect their lives. The more you learn about the laws in your state and across the US, the more you will care about putting laws into place that you believe in.

Voting matters. Your vote can change the world. When it’s time to vote, remember to vote with a vengeance!